Event Coordinators

Planning an event? We are happy to help with your parking needs to facilitate the best possible experience for your guests.

At the University of Miami, we proudly host an array of events that range from distinguished guest speakers to conferences, luncheons, concerts, etc., all of which have the potential to impact campus parking and traffic logistics. As part of your event planning process, you must engage our Event Services Team. Complete our online Service Request Form and let us know your needs (for example valet service, shuttles, deliveries, set-up, food trucks, etc.)


Service Request Form:

  1. Access the online Service Request Form.
  2. Complete all fields with an * on the form, to include a valid UM departmental Workday PG account number for billing purposes.
  3. Submit the form with a minimum notice of seven (7) business days before your event; we cannot guarantee services that do not meet this minimum time.
  4. Email parking.events@miami.edu for all correspondence about events.
  5. Remember, UM is a smoke-free campus, so please advise all guests of our policy. 

Important - Pre-Event Planning

  • For events longer than seven (7) days in duration, please contact Event Services directly at 305-284-3096.
  • Events that require food trucks, large vehicles, or equipment, must complete and submit an approved Coral Gables Campus Revocable Agreement for Use of University Facilities. Please contact Business Services at 305-284-5550 for assistance. 
  • Electronic Message boards are required for events with an audience of 2,000 or more; a nominal fee applies. The boards are strategically placed to keep all drivers (event attendees and local community) informed.
  • Parking and Transportation should be consulted regarding artwork placed on directional signs and sandwich boards (A-frames) to ensure alignment with campus traffic.

University of Miami Police Department (UMPD)

UMPD services are required with events that need intersection control on Ponce de Leon Boulevard, serving of alcohol, or reinforcement. Visit the UMPD website.

Optional Services

Reserved Parking Spaces

Certain events require that an area of a lot or several spaces be reserved.  In most cases, this requires a lot of attendance (nominal fee) to secure the area, regardless of the number of spaces. Spaces without an attendant cannot be guaranteed.

Staff Resources 

Your event may require staff resources to secure lots and parking spaces, traffic control, maintain pedestrian safety, etc. Our event team will assist in determining the right mix for your event. Parking and Transportation reserves the right to determine the type of staff resources that best suit your event, based on variables such as traffic flow, construction, and/or other events taking place in the area. We will consult with you during the process of arranging your services. You must give at minimum, a seven (7) business days' notice, for us to staff an event.

Shuttle Services 

Shuttle service is available and prices vary depending on your need, for example, shuttle type/size, usage time, and trip distance. To reserve a shuttle, please submit the online Service Request Form. Note that there is a 10% administrative fee. Refer to Shuttle Rates.

Valet Services

We offer a convenient, efficient, and professional level of valet service. A valet parking attendant is often the first point of personal contact at any event. Valet service is provided by UM's authorized vendor, which is supervised and equipped by Parking and Transportation. 

Rates vary based on the estimated number of vehicles expected for the event. Refer to Valet Rates. Please note, that valet staffing depends on the size and location of the event, as well as the distance of the vehicle staging area from the drop-off/pick-up points. We expect to deliver the highest level of customer service by requiring sufficient valet staff to meet a vehicle retrieval time of 4-6 minutes.

Golf Cart Rental

Golf cart rentals are contracted out to third-party companies. Supply and lead times vary. 


  1. A valid Florida State Driver's License - Class C or E
  2. Traffic signals and signs must be followed at all times
  3. Seatbelt (if provided) must be worn by the driver and all passenger

Event Responsibilities

Familiarize yourself with the significant information that follows to ensure your event planning complies with the City of Coral Gables and the University.


Post Event

  • Equipment (i.e. tents, large equipment/vehicles) removal needs to occur within 2-hours after the event concludes, specifically if it impacts parking areas or traffic flow. If an exception is needed, contact Parking and Transportation at 305-284-3096 for review.   
  • Survey parking area(s) and immediate roadway for any damages incurred during the event for example: curbside or landscaping damage caused by delivery vehicles or event-goers; outdoor tents used and secured to the ground by drilling holes (asphalt needs to be resurfaced) instead of utilizing weighted sandbags or water barrels. Contact Facilities Management and Parking and Transportation as required.