The University of Miami is recognized as a Bike Friendly University, at the Bronze Level, by the League of American Bicyclist. Our goal is to encourage bicycling as a recreational and sustainable transportation option for our campus community. 

Biking - Sustainable  Commute Option

As a Bike Friendly University, we work towards improving the biking environment as recommended by the League of American Bicyclist. Improvements include bike rack additions, covered bike racks, and wider sidewalks providing a safe and enjoyable biking experience around campus.

To facilitate your bike experience you can start by registering your bike online. Click here to register and receive a free U-Lock. Locks can be picked up at the ground floor of the Flipse Building.  Get access to amenities on campus:

Employees, use your bike to get to campus while staying healthy and receive up to 400 Well 'Cane Points. Additional benefits are available when returning a Coral Gables campus parking permit to bike to campus. Click here to learn how.

Due to COVID19, the university bike club is not performing weekend rides nor are they performing bike basic bike repairs on campus. To do it yourself, click here for tips on how to perform basic bike repairs and click here for local bike trails.

Learn more here about riding safely in bike lanes and Ubike FAQs here.