Parking and Transportation Team

The Office of Parking and Transportation is organized under the Facilities Operations and Planning department with Eli Stephan as the Director. Our office is committed to providing safe and reliable parking and transportation options that provide mobility, accessibility, and enhance sustainability for the University community. Our office is responsible for the overall management of parking facilities, traffic control, maintaining an effective commuting system, and meeting the transportation needs of the Coral Gables campus.


Our Team:



Eli Stephan Director  305-284-3081

Customer Experience & Operations

Shane Plageman Sr. Manager  305-284-5021
Shatara Brown Sr. Customer Service  305-284-3096
Marta Gimenez Customer Service  305-284-3096
Jarol Leyva Lead Parking Service Officer



Thierry Bien-Aime

Manager  305-284-1547

Event Support Services

Rebecca Interian Sr. Manager 

Katherine Burch Lead Parking Service Officer 

Dena Chism Events Coordinator 


Parking Technology Support

Stervens Pauleus Manager 305-284-3074

Accounting and Financial Services

Annette Rivas-Vasquez Executive Director, Finance  305-284-6820
Boris Nedeff Director, Accounting 305-284-1640